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Proton KB w/Comfort Strap

Proton KB w/Comfort Strap

An integral part of the Atom series, the Proton is a twin tipped diamond shaped kneeboard with a thin profile and a continuous rocker for insane shredding at any ability level. The cushy orthodic kneepad and flex zone belt strap will keep you in place on the deck and feeling good. For optimal control engage the Dual Option fin system and retract the fins for a looser feel. Getting started is easy with our pop up handle holder.
•HO Exclusive Dual-Option Fin System
•High End Advanced Twin Tip Design
•Step Down Rail for Consistent Ride
•20 Degree Bottom Rails for Superior Control

Retail price is $215.00 Our Price:

$ 189.99 Add
Neutron Kneeboard

Neutron Kneeboard

The HO Neutron Kneeboard was the first kneeboard with 4 molded fins for better control. Designed with an asymmetrical shape and parabolic side cut for effortless carving, additional speed and superior control. Complete with a new larger shock-absorbing knee pad for comfortable landings, an all-new fully adjustable single locking shock strap for easy adjustments, and a built-in retractable handle hook for effortless transitions. Also features HO's exclusive easy start system for starts in deep water. -Symmetrical dual radius side cut for maximum performance -4 molded in fins for advanced control -HO's exclusive easy start system for deep water starts -Larger orthopedic pad for comfortable ride -HO's fully adjustable single locking Comfort-strap

$ 169.99 Add
Electron KB w/ Single Lock Strap

Electron KB w/ Single Lock Strap

An Atom series favorite, The Electron Kneeboard is the best entry level shred stick in the known world. Shaped with a diamond tip and tail for quick release off the wake and effortless spin initiation The Electron is a super fun ride. Including our easy up handle holder for deep water starts and fully adjustable comfort strap, the Electron is the best kneeboard for turning a general enthusiast into a hardcore kneeboard shredder.
•4 Molded in Fins
•HO Exclusive Easy Start System
•Large Orthotic Pad = Comfortable Ride
•HO Fully Adjustable Single Locking Strap

Retai price is $180.00 our price:

$ 149.99 Add
Replacement Strap single locking

Replacement Strap single locking

Wear out your kneeboard strap? Replace it with this one from HO Sports.
Fits most brands.

$ 29.99 Add
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